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My SubwayCard FAQs: Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

    My SubwayCard FAQs

    My SubwayCard FAQs: I’ve noticed that many of you have questions about the My SubwayCard program, so I wanted to take this opportunity to answer some of the most frequently asked questions I get from riders. If you still have more questions, please stop by one of our MTA Information booths; we’d be happy to help you!

    How do I get a My SubwayCard?

    My SubwayCard FAQs

    The My SubwayCard is a reloadable card that can be used for transit on the Metro system and MARTA. The easiest way to get a My Subway card is by visiting the nearest MARTA Station, Transit Link Store, or participating Kroger store with a MARTA grocery pickup location. You can also order your card online here and have it mailed right to your door! 

    How do I reload my card?

    The easiest way to reload your card is by purchasing a refill card from any NYC Transit vending machine. You can also go online and buy a prepaid or virtual card or call the customer service number.  If you are in New York City and need a refill immediately, you can stop into any station booth with cash and your active MetroCard.

    How do I check my balance?

    There are a few ways to check your balance. You can sign into your account and view your balance on the homepage, call customer service, and they will tell you how much money is left on your card, or head to any MetroCard vending machine and swipe your card to see the remaining balance. The vending machine will accept if you need more money on the card for what you want to purchase.

    How do I use my My SubwayCard?

    It’s easy! When you enter and exit the subway, tap your card on a reader, and we’ll automatically deduct the fare if you use your My SubwayCard at a turnstile and have a negative balance. The reader will flash red with an error message. You’ll need to load more value onto your card before using it again.

    What are the benefits of having a My SubwayCard?

    The benefits of having a My SubwayCard are that it makes paying for subway rides much easier and more convenient. It’s also a great way to budget your expenses so you spend your money wisely on your New York City adventures. You can find more details about the benefits of My SubwayCard here.

    How do I cancel my card?

    My SubwayCard FAQs

    Please log in and go to the Cancel Subscription page to cancel your card. You will be prompted for your email address and password to cancel your card. If you are not a member of MySubwayCard, please click on the Sign-up button at the top of this page.

    How do I report a lost or stolen card?

    You can report a lost or stolen card by calling on their official number. You will need your card number printed on the back of the card. The Tix rep will cancel your card and issue you a new one.

    What are the terms and conditions?

    Terms and conditions for mysubway card are as follows:

    The customer agrees that payment for the mysubwaycard is due in full upon purchase. 

    If a customer wishes to purchase more than one subway card, each must be paid for in full at the time of the transaction. 

    The cost of the monthly service fee will be deducted from your transit account balance every month.

    I am being asked for my details when I register my account. Is it safe to provide my details?

    Yes. But it’s safe to provide your details. We will never share your information with third parties without your consent. You can also protect your account by not including sensitive information like a Social Security number or credit card details.

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