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Discover all the mysubwaycard Features you never knew existed!

    MySubWay Card Features

    At my subway card, we’re always looking for ways to make your subway experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. And in recent months, we’ve introduced some new features that will make an even bigger difference in how you get around town. From finding the best nearby food spots to giving you one-of-a-kind deals at local businesses, these features will make your life much easier while also saving you money!

    MySubWay Card

    MySubWay Card Features

    The MySubWay Card is a contactless card with an embedded chip. Paying for your subway fare with this card is easy and convenient. You can store money on this card, load it with a pass, or both. The MySubWay Card can also be used to pay for select TTC fares in Toronto, some Greater Toronto Area (GTA) transit agencies, and GO Transit fares outside of the GTA.

    The many features of a mysubwaycard

    1. At any Subway store near you, you can validate your reward points.
    2. It is possible to use MySubwayCard both online and offline.
    3. Every Subway customer can use the official portal with this card in a highly user-friendly and safe way.
    4. Customers of Subway who possess this card can reload the balance in the card ranging between $5 and $250. Reloading this amount is very easy. Take out your phone, and you’re able to complete the task.
    5. If you have one of these cards, you won’t need cash on the Subway premises to buy a meal.
    6. When you register your credit card, you will receive lots of promotional offers.
    7. You need to redeem your rewards points as soon as you are offered the same opportunity.

    How to use a mysubwaycard?

    MySubWay Card Features

    MySubwayCard is a reloadable card that can be used to pay for rides on public transportation in Canada, including GO Transit. 

    Learn more about the many different ways to use MySubwayCard below: 

    1. You can use MySubwayCard to pay for your ride from start to finish – tap and go. 
    2. Load your card with money and then add money as needed. If you have an annual pass, there’s no need to reload or top up throughout the year.
    3. If you have a monthly pass, it will expire at the end of each month, and any unused funds will roll over onto the next month’s access.

    MySubWay card rewards and benefits.

    MySubWay Card Features

    You’ve got one at home, but what about when your friends want to go out and eat? MySubWay Card gives you five benefits that make it easy to get rewarded for enjoying your favorite restaurants and treats. 

    The first benefit is checking your points balance online and seeing how much closer you are to earning a free reward. 

    If you’re not up to clicking on those links, then be sure to have a helper do it! 

    Thirdly,  being able to search for rewards within 100 miles of where you live. Fourthly, using discounts as part of your rewards can add up over time. 

    Fifthly, access to exclusive offers and deals and special announcements from our partners. balance

    MySubWay Card Features

    If you have an account balance, it is stored on your card and can be used anytime. So if you have money left over on your card, use it up before it expires. You can also add funds to your account anytime through the website or app.


    Subway cards are a great way to save money and make sure you always have a card on hand. So why not take advantage of this fantastic invention? Check out these MySubWayCard Features for more information about what this card has to offer. You can buy 10, 20, or 30 rides at once, so your card is ready when you need it. If you want to give the card as a gift, enter their email address during registration, and they’ll get an email with instructions on activating their account. You can even register someone else’s card if they don’t!

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